DUO Drag Metal Cast SSZ

DUO Drag Metal Cast SSZ - super slim version specially designed for shore fishing

DUO Drag Metal SSZ (super slim) is the first model in the Drag Metal series made of zinc. Thanks to its slim silhouette, it has excellent flight characteristics. The weight located at the rear gives it an attractive position when descending, when a lot of bites come. SSZ is a model designed specifically for shore fishing. Thanks to your extremely slim body and minimal air resistance, you will throw it very far.

For perfect movement, it is enough to simply pull the bait with a reel with a special switch. The compact but massive body of the bait allows you to achieve very long casts. Stable floating action and horizontal oscillation of the bait during the fall are irresistible for fish.

The perfect bait for fishing from beaches, rocks, cliffs and along sea breaks.

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